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Timid Girl 2

As the youngest of three, I was definitely babied. I was pretty fearless at home, but once I left the safety of my family, I was a very timid child. I remember that a high school teacher commented that she had never heard my voice - which made me even more embarrassed and shy. It didn't help that I was taller than most everyone, especially the boys. I have no idea exactly when that shyness ended (I know that it still exists deep inside), but when it finally came time to make my own way in the world, I had to speak up for myself. My first time speaking in front of an audience when I was in my 30's was a huge flop, but surprisingly the world didn't end. When I subbed, I was constantly "on stage" and I came to enjoy the give and take with the students. Now I can speak to auditoriums of students with very little fear. I guess it proves that you can change your life, or maybe it shows that once you are able or allowed to exert some control in your own life, you can feel less fearful.


Christy said...

Diane, it must be hard being the youngest. I think back to how we treated our youngest brother; he got no respect. I'm glad you overcame your shyness. Your statement about how empowering it is to exert control over your own life is so true.

David LaRochelle said...

The idea that we CAN change who we are and we don't have to be stuck forever with unwanted traits is very encouraging.

Your comment about your high school teacher reminds me of times when I've been embarrassed about something and people have said, "Look, he's blushing! You don't have to be embarrassed David!" Sheesh, if I wasn't embarrassed before, I was by then.

David, another "youngest" of the family

Diane Adams said...

David, too true! Christy, there are so many great things about being the youngest, but sometimes I just wanted to have been the first one to try something new!! :)

Mark said...

Diane, I love how you put into words how our inhibitions/limitations/fears do not have to rule us as we grow and break free to pursue our own paths in life. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Such a great picture. And I can't picture you being timid.