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Yet Another New Book

My apologies. I was supposed to post while I was teaching at the MFA, but Captain Whidbey Inn had a weak Wi-Fi connection.

The idea for this book began with a comparison between Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Aztec goddess, Tonantzin. Yet, my editor preferred a retelling of the Virgin of Guadalupe's apparitions to Juan Diego. Still, you may read about the similarities between the virgin and the goddess in the author's note.


New Year- New Book

It is a bit washed out, but here the first "viewing" of the cover for my new book coming out in September 2012. I painted the illustrations for this story all of 2011, creating the characters and scenarios, and now that it is done- or at least in production, I have fallen in love with it. This doesn't always happen this soon. Usually I am happy to have it out of my studio for awhile. But I miss this little boy and his night time friends. I love leafing through the small pdf dummy that the designer sent me. If my kids were not in college and high school, I would read this book to them at bedtime and I know it is a book they would ask for again and again. Here is what the front flap copy is probably going to say about the book:

Bedtime is here!
Time to curl up, snuggle in, and remember . . .
the who, the what, the why, and the way
four best friends
had a wonderful day. 
From bestselling author Mem Fox and award winning illustrator Lauren Stringer, here is a celebration of imagination, play, friendship, and coziness certain to touch a chord with young children everywhere.

It truly is a cozy book... maybe that is why I keep paging through it while embarking on my next project! New adventures always need a little coziness at the end of the day.


Two Books for me

Am expecting two books out - one this year and one next year. We are busily tweaking the one that comes out this year - new title - I Want to Help - and new cover page. I'm waiting to see more sketches for the one coming out next year - Two Hands to Love You. The illustrator on Two Hands is new to children's books and I think he has a lovely, unique style that really makes the story shine. And of course, I love Nancy Hayashi, who is illustrating I Want to Help.