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Play Ball

Today I am in New York watching the sky. I am scheduled to sign books at a baseball game between the Staten Island Yankees and the Brooklyn Cyclones at this beautiful park on Staten Island. My friend Jordan Sonnenblick, who grew up on Staten Island and is a terrific author, will also be signing.

Here are details about the event:


The game is sold out, but we have one problem. It's is forecast to rain tonight. Not just rain, but pour.

So keep your fingers crossed. I hope we get to hear thoses wonderful words this eveing, "Play ball."



I must confess that I am an expert at being distracted from writing. It's not the facebook or the e-mails, though. It's the kitty litter that must be changed immediately and the plants that have to be watered, as well as the floors that need sweeping and dishes that need washing.

This summer, though, it's going to be different. I have asked my husband to lock me in the computer room until lunchtime. I've got some good ideas to work on and nothing's going to stop me.

Of course the bookshelves in here are really dusty and my stack of papers need going through. The window could also use a good washing and the bushes outside the window are due for a pruning. I wonder if J. Crew is having any sales...