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How I'm (not) Preparing for the Holidays

A couple of days ago I made the decision that I am not going to put up any Christmas decorations this year, nor am I going to send out Christmas cards (handmade or not). Call me a Grinch or a Scrooge, but the thought of adding these things to my "to do" list, made me feel weary, not merry. Oh, I'm still buying books to give to all my great nieces, and I'll be making my annual "Wheel of Fortune" game to play at our family holiday gathering, but the Christmas preparations for me this year will be minimal. This decision was a great relief. It frees me up to do two things I haven't had much chance to do in the past few months: work on new writing projects, and spend time with friends that I don't see very often. That's how I want to spend the holidays this year. And next year when (if) I put up decorations and send out cards, it will be a happy choice, and not a dreaded obligation.


I am jumping in here a little off course, but such is life.  In this season I am grateful for friends like all of you, family, and faith that changes as I grow older and hopefully wiser.  My husband is my rock and my son continues to amaze me with his maturity and capabilities.  I have a quote on my computer from a graduation speech that someone gave.  It goes, "Surprises, by their nature, come in disguise, masked sometimes as disappointments or detours when they're in fact dreams turning solid, if you'll just step aside and give them some air. Emerson instructs to 'mount to paradise by the stairway of surprise.'"  I like this message of letting go, accepting what comes your way, and believing that something good is wrapped up in the surprise just waiting to be discovered.

(I am the littlest one in the photograph of my dad, sister and brother.)