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Edie's Favorite Book-Related Website

There are a number of blogs and websites I have bookmarked on my computer, all of which offer helpful information to writers or suggestions and reviews for readers. But the one I have to call my favorite is Darcy Pattison's Fiction Notes. If you check her archives, you can find helpful posts on almost any "craft of writing" topic. I have found her series on revision particularly helpful.

Darcy is an accomplished author in her own right and has two new books out this year: IT'S ALL DOWNHILL (Stone Arch Books) and PRAIRIE STORM (Sylvan Dell Publishers). She also created a popular Novel Revision Retreat, which she teaches across the nation. I'm still hoping to get her to Maryland for a presentation to our region of SCBWI.

If you pay a visit to Darcy's site, plan to take your time. It will be worth your while...


Favorite book-related website

For this round of posts, we are listing our favorite book-related websites. This turned out to be a harder topic than I thought. I have plenty of children's literature sites bookmarked on my computer, but to be honest, I don't visit them regularly. Part of me wants to appear "literary" and "in-the-loop," and list a site such as Read Roger from the editor of Horn Book, but in reality I haven't checked his site in months. So much for being in-the-loop. To be honest, the book site that I use the most is simply Amazon.com. Not very original, but it's a handy source for book synopses and reviews.

There is one other website which I've been visiting almost daily, and that is Extended Shelf Life, a blog by my dear friend and expert school librarian Julie Reimer. She writes daily musings on her experiences as an elementary media specialist. It's a great way to stay in touch with a good friend...and if I feel hard pressed having to come up with a blog entry every two weeks, I remember that Julie is blogging on a daily basis!