Ten writers for children. All with something to say.


A Few Favorite Sites

Whenever I find an interesting website or blog about writing, or books in general, I bookmark the site with the intention of returning in the future to learn more. These bookmarks go into one of two folders, either “Book Stuff” or “Writing Stuff.” To prepare for today’s blog, I counted the number of sites in each folder: 29 for “Book Stuff” and 78 for “Writing Stuff.” This tells me a couple things. Most obviously, I have bookmarked WAY more sites than I can possibly visit on a regular basis! It also reminds me how many terrific sites are available to anyone who has an interest in exploring online resources. Even with all this Internet overload, however, there are a few sites I regularly visit, such as:

Nathan Bransford’s blog. Former agent turned author who blogs about all things related to the publishing world.

Evil Editor. Lots of great (and humorous) information on a range of topics, but most helpful (to me) when it comes to dissecting what works and what doesn’t work in queries.

The Purple Crayon. A storehouse of information, interviews, and advice related to children’s literature.

Bookrags. A site with online “cliff notes” for hundreds, if not thousands, of titles, including many children’s books. There is a charge to get full access, but it’s still cheaper than buying each of the notes separately.

Bookfinder. This is the site I use to find the best prices on books, new or used, when I’m in the mood for shopping!