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And we're back.....

Yes, the polar vortex got the better of us this winter and apparently made us unable to type or post. Just kidding. I have no idea what happened so I 'll blame it on the weather. BUT we are back! After a lovely five day writing retreat spent at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN, the Spuds are ready to begin spouting about writing and the writing life once again. Here we are, all together for the first time:

When I formed this blog about four years ago, I never dreamed we would all meet in person. This is not unlike when I spend months writing a book and am stunned when it actually becomes a book. Everyone meeting for the first time meant to much to me, because it was affirmation that we have developed a deep bond from our email correspondence. As Christy Hale said, it is like we have been pen-pals for years that finally get to meet. For five days, we lived in the same house, made meals together, watched pouring rain together, drank pots of coffee and tea, and got to know one another better. (We also got a lot of writing done!) Many events I've been to this past year, I have been the oldest writer. In this group, I am the youngest, and I cherish the wisdom and support I get from these wonderful writers. I'm honored that they said "Yes" when I asked them to join me in my silly idea of starting a blog, and I was so sad to say goodbye to everyone and cannot wait until we all meet again.
Our blog format will change a bit. Instead of two week cycles with everyone posting each day, we are going to expand each person's time to a week, and have ten week cycles. So I hope you will join us as we begin the next phase of this blog journey.
AKA One Potato