Ten writers for children. All with something to say.


This is Just to Say

I am writing
from Nairobi
in East Africa
where we're all from

and each day here
has twelve hours
of light and warmth

Forgive me
if I don't want to return
to the cold


Poems for Potatoes and Plums

This is just to say
I have written 
more than
one poem
to read.

and this
you will probably
find so
very tedious.

Forgive me
they were amusing
so light
and so fun.

This is just to say
I have cut-out
the photo
that was on 
the front page.

The one
with the Chinese Statue
but you
will never know

you never 
read the newspaper.
Too much
bad news.

This is just to say
the kiss
that was on
your red lips

and beckoning
me to
capture it

was worth a
wakening you
so sweet,
not sorry.

(To my Editor)
This is just to say
I have painted
the pictures
you saw in
the book dummy.

but know
they are probably
from what you imagined.

Forgive me
I am helpless.
to the paint.


This Is Just To Say

We have appropriated
the motif
of your poem
for our blog

ten potatoes
offering variations
on your singular

Forgive us
this sincerest
form of


This is just to say...

I have eaten
the pot roast
that you left
on the counter.

It was oh so close to the edge.
And the smell,
ah, that smell.
It will stay on my whiskers for days.

Please forgive me.
I am a very bad dog,
and I am doing my best
to look sorry.