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In my last post on this blog, I wrote a list of words that would inspire me in 2013. One of them is the word "Discipline". It is not one of my favorite words. It conjures up visions of angry aunties and strict teachers. I was even hesitant to add it to my list and yet I knew I must in order to make it through the first 7 months of 2013. Erasing the negative images associated with the word, I embrace its promise of routine, planning, direction, order. And if I add the word "self" in front of it, it becomes all the more friendlier and positive. So with self-discipline at the forefront of my days I am:

  •  painting a new book with a deadline at the end of March. It is called Deer Dancer, written by the author, Mary Lyn Ray, who also wrote Mud and Red Rubber Boot Day, two of my earliest illustrated books. It is wonderful to be inspired by her words again. My studio is glowing green which is a wonderful thing as temperatures promise to drop again today and tomorrow with -35 degrees wind-chills!
  • Marketing, writing and creating activity guide, up-dating website, preparing slide shows and talks, scheduling events, creating post cards, etc. for the publication of my new book, When Stravinsky Met Nijinsky, Two Artists, Their Ballet, and One Extraordinary Riot. 

I am so excited about this book! I cannot wait to share it with the world. It has been nine years in the making with lots of back-story. It's publication date is March 5th and I have many book store events as well as a big lecture to give about its making. The manuscript won the McKnight Fellowship for Children's Literature this year which is allowing me to get ready for the next thing on my list...
  • In May I will be an Author-in-Residence at the American School of Paris for a week. I will be working with the Librarian, Dance Teacher and Music Teacher at the school to bring workshops to the students all inspired by my new book. When I am done, I am traveling to Venice to research a chapter book I began last year that is set in Venice. Then I will return to Paris on time to be present for the centennial performance of The Rite of Spring at the very theatre it was performed at 100 years ago, where a riot broke out. And if you want to know more about that, read my book! 
Le sacre dancers - 1913

  • I finished the script for Circus Juventas summer show in December and finalized the set design in early January. Yesterday was the first full production meeting, so the sets and props are being built and soon painted with my final "uber-painting" to be done as soon as I return from Europe. I have a team of painters to help this year, so I am looking forward to painting "big" come June-July. The show this year is "OZ"-- the circus version. My son Cooper will be Tin Man-- though a sort of Steam-punk version. 
model for the Wicked Witch's castle with trampolines for wall tramp act.

2013 promises many wonderful adventures and events for me. I want to be able to embrace all that it is offering. Thus I embrace the word discipline with the added self.