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I didn't celebrate Halloween when I was growing up in Puerto Rico. Instead I celebrated Día de los santos, Saints' Day (November 1st) and Día de los muertos, Day of the Dead (November 2nd). In Puerto Rico, those two days, we visited the cemetery. Here in Oregon, I love the altars, the yellow flowers, and the singing from other  Latin American cultures, especially from Mexico. Here is an altar in Coravllis, Oregon, reminding us of the struggle with breast cancer:

  Photo: You do not stop being a woman because you only have one breast.



Halloween Eve...

...and that can mean only one thing: pumpkin carving!

Here's my first design of the evening: Scary Scrabble! It's your move...what word are you going to make?

Now it's back to the my carving knives; one down, three more to go!