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The Gift of Friends

My favorite part of the December holidays is spending time with treasured friends.

This morning I got together with three amazing, creative, thoughtful librarian friends, Julie Reimer, Linda Middleton-Koller, and Kim Faurot. We snacked on Julie's delicious holiday cookies and discussed books and reading. They also indulged me by looking at the latest revisions of my current book project. My heart was light and happy when I left their good company.

On Christmas Eve morning, as is tradition, I met with the members of my old book club, friends I have known for over twenty years: Gary, Robert, Evan, and Timothy, friends who make me feel loved and appreciated.
Still to come, a Saturday morning walk with my college friend Ann, and a New Year's Eve gathering spent eating delicious food and playing board games with three other friends. I couldn't ask for better gifts than the people who make up my life.


Stephanie said...

They look like wonderful people, just like you:)

john said...

David, I love those pictures and I love your idea of filling this time between the years with good friends. What a wonderful way to welcome in the new year.

Christy said...

It IS nice to focus on friends at holiday time. They add such richness to life and are truly the family we choose. Your friends look delightful!

Lauren said...

I had a funny out of body experience looking at these photos, David. I did not see who had written the post, so when I saw the picture of Julie, Linda, and Kim, I thought, "Wow! How did those gals get to the west coast! How fun that another Spud knows them!" Then I saw your second photograph and there you were and all fell into place. Although, if we ever have a spud gathering in Minnesota, we must invite those three gals!
Friends and holidays are the best and you are rich with friends, David. Happy New Year!

Edie Hemingway said...

Rich, indeed, with friends, David! Sounds like good times for you in this time between the years.

Mark said...

David, you are blessed to have a variety of friends with whom to share the holidays and nourish the soul. Enjoy!!