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A Christmas to Remember!

We were lucky to have my 90-year-old father still able to celebrate Christmas in our home along with 18 members of our extended family. I did not take a photo of my son carrying my father into our house because the sight was just too heart wrenching, but you can see him here in a wheel chair in front of the fireplace in the midst of the gift opening.

Here are the two youngest of the clan--Piper, our son's 20-month-old daughter, and Gareth, our daughter's 2-year-old son, who are great playmates.

And I have to include a photo of my favorite gift--photographs taken on Vinalhaven Island off the coast of Maine. My husband had prints made on canvas, to hang in my writing cabin in order to keep the setting of my novel-in-progress clear in my mind.


Christy said...

This looks both rich and poignant. I'm glad in the midst of all that is happening with family you have those visual reminders of your writing.

David LaRochelle said...

It sounds like a bittersweet Christmas, Edie. It is so hard to see our parents get old and lose their vitality.

What a thoughtful, thoughtful gift from Doug! And it was so good seeing the inside of your magical house again, if even only through photos.

Happy new year to you.

Lauren said...

My heart swells looking at these photos Betsy. Seeing your father there at 90 and young Piper and Gareth exploding with life. So poignant. And the gift for your studio is beautiful and thoughtful. You have a very wonderful family all around you to keep that novel-in-progress going its merry way.

Happy New Year!

Mark said...

Looks like a full house for the holidays, Edie! What a blessing to have so many family members gathered together to celebrate. And, like Stephanie's husband, yours has given you a gift that will truly keep giving inspiration. Nice!!

john said...

Edie, what a Christmas to remember. Your photos and words convey so much of both the tenderness and joy that you and your family are experiencing. May 2012 bring deep richness.

Stephanie said...

Such lovely photos. And I agree with David, I loved being able to be in your house:)