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This is just to say...

I have eaten
the pot roast
that you left
on the counter.

It was oh so close to the edge.
And the smell,
ah, that smell.
It will stay on my whiskers for days.

Please forgive me.
I am a very bad dog,
and I am doing my best
to look sorry.


Edie Hemingway said...

I love this dog's POV! Especially the smell on the whiskers...

Lauren said...

What a surprise to find it the voice of the dog after the first stanza-- and I can just see his apologetic face.

Christy said...


Stephanie said...

Love it!

Diane Adams said...

Thanks guys! It's a true story, and I really couldn't get mad at my dog because she looked so sad the moment I walked in the door.

David LaRochelle said...

Don't believe your dog, Diane! The sad dog look was all an act - and it worked! Just like in the original poem, I don't believe the speaker is really sad for what they have done. You've captured the spirit of the poem wonderfully!

Diane Adams said...

David, you are right about it being an act. I think she even knew I knew it was an act, but how do you get mad at such a cute face?