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This is Just to Say

I am writing
from Nairobi
in East Africa
where we're all from

and each day here
has twelve hours
of light and warmth

Forgive me
if I don't want to return
to the cold


Lauren said...

I am ready to return to where I came from-- may I join you?

Christy said...

Nice poem-especially love that middle stanza.

Ask Louise May or Jason Low for a copy of WE by Alice Schertle (http://www.leeandlow.com/books/130/hc/we)
It's all about our origins there where you are now. Also, it's very poetic/lyrical writing.

Store up the warmth inside you!

Edie Hemingway said...

Hi John,
Would love to hear more about your trip to Nairobi when you return to the cold!

betsy woods said...

I love this, John.

David LaRochelle said...

I don't blame you, John, for not wanting to return to the cold. We've had a heavy snowstorm since you've left. Perhaps you will bring spring with you when you return.