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As a writer, I have many reasons to give thanks this year: my past books, a current project which has caught the interest of an editor, new picture books on the horizon for 2010 and 2011.

But at the moment I am especially thankful for the work I get to do with elementary school children. I just finished a week of working with seven classes of fourth graders as a visiting author. I guided the students through the stages of creating a book, from writing a first draft to making revisions to drawing illustrations. I shared with them both past and current writing projects of mine. We talked about the joys, and frustrations, of writing.

Being able to visit each classroom multiple times allowed the students and me to make a strong connection. By the end of the week they were showing me books they had created at home and giving me illustrations they had sketched in their free time. What a delight it was for me to walk into a classroom and have the students cheer, or to receive a thank you letter saying "I never realized how much I liked writing until you came to our class."

As schools continue to tighten their financial belts even more and money for outside speakers becomes harder to find, I am thankful that I am still asked into the classroom. These experiences are rewarding to me on many levels, and for that I am extremely grateful.


Edie Hemingway said...

Not only are you lucky to be invited into the classrooms, but the students are very lucky to have you come in as an author role model! It sounds as if you have much energy, enthusiasm, and skill to share with them.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Stephanie said...

I'm sure those 4th graders adored you:)

Christy said...

I'm sure your background as a teacher makes you particularly dynamic in the classroom. Being around kids is so energizing. I'd love to see some of those projects you did together.

Lauren said...

David, I have seen you present with kids-- what a gift you are! I am very excited for the forthcoming books!