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A Good Day

Hola papas calientes,
I spent last Friday in Mission Viejo with the students of Viejo School (where my sister works). Besides the large cup of Starbucks that my sister bought me on the way to school, I also enjoyed the energy of the students during the assemblies (did they have coffee too?). I liked how they commented on the way my character, Emily, did everything wrong until the very end of the story. I liked how brave they looked when they said "Hi Diane," (which I gave them permission to do) instead of "Hi Mrs. Adams." I liked the boy who guessed that I'd taken a bath that morning because I smelled so good (a toxic combination of hair spray, deoderant, and perfume). And the one who asked me my age and believed me completely when I said I was 28 (only 20 years off of my true age). I enjoyed the free sandwich in the lunch room and the gratitude of the teachers for telling their students to write more than one draft of their assignment before they turn it in. And I liked being a special part of the students' and teachers' lives. Everyone deserves a day like that - followed by a good long nap.


Christy said...

Hi Diane,
I love your new book--writing and images are wonderful! Great description of your day in the school--you made everyone come alive in the telling.

Edie Hemingway said...

This sounds like such a fun day!

Stephanie said...

How fun! I'm looking up your new book today.

john said...

I want to go to that school where twenty years come off your age.

Diane Adams said...

Thanks Christy. It was a fun book to write.

John, it's ironic that the school's name is Viejo, which means "old" in Spanish. It obviously didn't affect my ever so youthful appearance!

betsy woods said...


I spend much of my time teaching writing with young adults and have spent even more of my past with younger children. Their perceptions are so acute and lovely.

Lauren said...

I will have to get your recipe for good scents-- no student has ever commented on my "smell"-- this could be good, this could be bad!

It sounds like a perfect school visit!