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Balance: The inside writing life and the outside writing life

Balance: The inside writing life and the outside writing life.

I am teaching too much. It has unbalanced the scales of my writing work. I am a teacher of writing and this job has morphed from writer-in-residence into newspaper moderator and alumni magazine editor. I work to adjust and sometimes grieve for my writing life. My adjustments include getting up before dawn (way before) to think and be still and begin to write or continue to write.
This semester it strikes me how important the continuance of my writing is to the thread of story. Story is continuance. I have tried to protect my Saturdays like a warrior, my writing day. One good day is good, but I have had to invent ways through the week to tat and embroider the threads of story. Sometimes I am amazed at the creative ways my psyche ties the threads and creates the patterns. Sometimes I need a good nap.


Christy said...

This seems to be the plight of all writing teachers. Some I know, take advantage of school vacations to get more writing done. Teaching can be exhilarating and inspiring, but it sure zaps energy. I hope you can grab moments here and there, and keep protecting that Saturday.

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nbalike said...
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Stephanie said...


This post shows what a great writer you are. You'll find the time. Or make it. I know it. Hugs:)

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john said...

Whatever you are doing, Betsy, you're doing something right to get a comment from nbalike. That's what we've been waiting for.
Thanks for this post. I, too, struggle with the balance between school visits and quiet time for writing, and it is not something we decide once, but something we decide over and over.

Edie Hemingway said...

Here's hoping you find a full week of good writing over your spring break!