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new year, new issues

It seems like every year I wake up January 1, ready to change my unorganized ways. And sometimes, for the first week or so, I actually succeed before slipping back into old habits. So then I declare the matter over and done. But this year I hope to do it differently. Yes, I already had big plans of writing on my WIP at least 1500 words a day. I already blew that. But rather than declare the entire year a loss before it's even a week old, I'm revising my plan.
Yes, I would like to climb back on the wagon and stay there, but that is unrealistic in my world. I will have good days and bad days, like every other year. I will have 1500 word days and 3000 word days and many, many 0 word days. But, eventually, they all add up.
So that's my resolution. To accept the good writing days, but also accept the bad. Because they are all part of the writing process.


Edie Hemingway said...

What a great and realistic approach to the writing life. That sounds like a resolution that can be kept! Happy New Year!

Christy said...

wisdom with age...just think how wise you will be in 40 years!

Stephanie said...

Let's hope I can keep it:) And I think I get less wise as I age!

Mark said...

As long as the words all "add up" in the long run you will still reach your goal(s). It's hard for me to imagine people who set daily word count goals, since, like you, I find myself producing a varied amount of writing even if I put in the time each day... Good luck making it all "average" out!

john said...

Sounds like a fine start to this new year. I'm glad you are settled and I'm impressed with how you've kept your focus with this transition. Here's to a great 09.