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a belated Christmas

Due to moving into a new house and a snow storm that prevented the internet guy from showing up, I'm just catching up after 10 days offline. All my childhood Christmases were of the cold, snowy, Wisconsin variety. The photo above was taken in 1969, when I was four and my older brother was seven. Tradition at my house always included the Sunday School Christmas program, which, in 1969, provided my first ever public speaking gig. Here was my part:

Welcome to our program, we are glad you came

When it is all over, we hope you'll feel the same.

I'd like to apply that to our blog. Welcome. Glad you're here. Hope you are, too. Happy Holidays.


onepotatotenblogspot.com said...

I'm glad I'm here. Thanks, Stephanie.

Mark said...

Glad you're back online and survived the blizzard!

Nancy said...

It's great to cyber-see you, Stephanie. I enjoy the blog very much. Keep writing!

--Teresa Crumpton