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Chasing Dreams

Creating books for children is my dream. Then why do I so often find ways to avoid doing what I most want to do? Even when I have an entire afternoon free, I often find it more imperative to wash the dishes or clip my toenails rather than work on my current manuscript.

As I enter the new year, here are ten reminders to myself as I continue pursuing my passion:

#1 Remember that creating books for children is my choice, not a chore. No one is making me do this; it's how I'm choosing to spend my time.

#2 Acknowledge that dreams are seldom realized without hard work.

#3 Be inspired by fellow writers who are just as busy (often busier) than I am yet still find time to write.

#4 Honor my own pace and process, even if it is slower than I would like (you are right, Christy, sometimes slow and steady does win the race!).

#5 Stretch myself by taking creative risks, trying new styles and genres, and attempting projects that I fear might be beyond my capabilities.

#6 Have fun. If I'm not enjoying what I'm doing, then why have I chosen this path?

#7 Take time to read (and don't feel guilty for doing so).

#8 Celebrate my accomplishments, even the small ones (revising a chapter, revising a sentence).

#9 Forgive myself for not being as hardworking/creative/productive as I would like.

#10 Remember how very lucky I am to be able to pursue my dream career.

Here's to a new year and all the opportunities to achieve our dreams!


Edie Hemingway said...

I love your ten reminders, which we can each apply to ourselves. Thanks!

Christy said...

You touch on many familiar thoughts! I know what you mean about avoiding the thing you love. For me avoidance often has to do with perfectionism--fear of not measuring up to expectations. I've been afraid of illustrating the jacket of my current project (since I know it's so important). Yesterday I made myself go for it, and all day long I was caught up in the process. I'm sure you know that pleasure, where the work itself guides you along. Today I will undo/redo some of what I did yesterday, but overall I feel excited and hopeful, and so lucky that I get to spend my days with this work. This is a long way of saying that even though we work toward big goals, we still live and engage in this little moment.

Stephanie said...

I know I tend to forget how lucky I am to get to do my dream job. And I also forget it's supposed to be fun. And it's not always easy. So thanks for the reminder:)

Anonymous said...

As an aspiring children's book illustrator/writer, I am encouraged by your words. It is a relief that even those of you, who have experienced some success, stumble over the same obstacles as those of us who are just beginning the journey. Thank you!
Christie Eliason