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Come on, Spuds

 Carmen and I had a wonderful Spud reunion this weekend in Portland at Wordstock, an impressive gathering of writers and readers. Afterwards, we want to Andina, a beautiful Peruvian restaurant in the Pearl District for a delicious meal and wide-ranging conversation. Thank you Carmen and Jeremy for such a lovely evening and making me feel so at home in your splendid city.

Two new books are out and I'm pleased to share covers with you. Game Changer is the true story of John McLendon and the Secret Game in 1944 and Randy Duburke, an illustrator I've wanted to work with for years, did an amazing job with the art.

The Extreme Sports book that some of you have heard about is also out and I'm thrilled with the design work done by Headcase Design. Please spread the word to folks you think would be interested in both of them. And let's go, Spuds. Stephanie took the first step. We want to hear your news and I know some of you have fun things to share.


Edie Hemingway said...

Thanks, John, for giving us a push! How wonderful that you and Carmen met up in Portland. I miss all the spuds and look forward to our own reunion. I've had a difficult week with the death of my mother, but will try to put together a post soon.

Lauren said...

How lovely to see both of you- John and Carmen! It sounds like a great time in Portland and an inspiring conference in many ways. John, congratulations on your TWO new books! I am eager to see and read both of them.

Diane Adams said...

Glad you two got to see each other. So excited for your new books, John, and yours too Stephanie!! Way to go!! Edie, thinking of you. So sorry for your loss. My mom is still alive, with Alzheimers, but I had the best dream of her looking beautiful and young again. In the dream she told me that if I wanted to see her, to just look in the mirror. It was a lovely moment, and I couldn't help but feel that it was an answer to some sort of prayer I had whispered. Miss you all.

David LaRochelle said...

You indeed have reasons to celebrate, John! Congratulations! And I'm glad that two of the spuds got together for a mini reunion.

As someone who has also watched a parent deteriorate with Alzheimer's, I know what a tough thing that is to watch, Diane. That dream was indeed a gift, and I'm sure it was what your mom would want to tell you if she could.

betsy woods said...

Hooray to all the beautiful celebrations! And how lovely to see John and Carmen at Wordstock. Sending support to all the tender spaces, Diane and Edie. Write on . . .

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