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                                           Old Pelican and I feeling grateful.

The interior work of a writer is private by nature, yet inside of the solitude of creating story, there is a communal, almost universal sense of being that merges with craft.  It’s an opening that allows time, and place to be driven, known, used by character, and the story is born.

The sharing of that experience in the companionship of fellow authors at the Anderson Center was a bit of a metaphor for the writing process, itself.  Together, John, Lauren, David, Stephanie, Mark, Christy, Edie, Carmen, Diane and myself found a private-communal writing home for five days.  Our retreat was the external expression of who we are as a group and how we have evolved through the years shared.  We have become colleagues, friends, a support system, and a word and heart family. 

One potatoes' success is a gift to all of us. 

Since that time spent together, my work has taken root, bloomed, words becoming story and finding its way through me.  The gratefulness I feel to my potato family is deep and heartfelt.

-Potato Number Nine.


Stephanie said...

Love love love that photo. And your words. Blessed to count you among the spuds. XOXO

mark said...

I think your heartfelt sentiments are shared by us all.

Glad to hear your writing is going well. I want to hear some more of that voice/character you shared at the retreat!!

Christy said...

Great image, beautiful words, Betsy. I'm delighted to hear that your story is developing further. I am really eager to read more of your work.

Edie Hemingway said...

What a wonderful photo, Betsy! I'd love to hear more about how that pelican walked right up to you. And I can't agree more about what you have to say about our group of spuds.

Lauren said...

I love this photo Betsy. Pelicans are truly extraordinary bird-beings. And your heartfelt words resonate for all of us. Thank you.

Diane Adams said...

Great photo, Betsy. Loved our time together and can't wait to hear more writings.

David LaRochelle said...

What you shared at the Anderson Center during our critique session was stunning, Betsy. I'm so glad to hear that you are making progress, and that we could encourage you to keep writing. We all wanted to hear more.