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Five Well-Tested Strategies

Filling the well is an appropriate topic for me this round, since the last few weeks have been so hectic I haven’t even checked in with my fellow spuds on this blog, let alone gotten much work done. I count myself fortunate to even remember that today is my day to contribute! Now that the metaphorical storm has passed, however, I am settling back into my normal routines. And that means filling the creative well.

My best strategies include:

*Driving while listening to Tom Petty at high volumes

*Exploring local beaches with the natural musical accompaniment of the waves


*Rereading favorite books

*Talking with fellow artists

While I cannot always perform every strategy on a given day, I can always do at least one of them, and they always work! And so even though my list is short, it is long enough for me to accomplish my goal: fill the well and get back to work!


Lauren said...

Mark, you have some well-filling items on your list that I dream to put on mine-- "sailing", "exploring local beaches...", and thanks for the reminder of driving while listening to music-- soundtracks stir those creative cells, indeed!
Great list! And welcome back!

Edie Hemingway said...

Well said, Mark! And I would love to explore one of those local beaches to the natural musical accompaniment of the waves...

Christy said...

Beautiful photo, Mark! You are filling our wells just sharing it. Hope you sail into calmer seas for a while.

Stephanie said...

Those all sound great:)

David LaRochelle said...

I wish I could be on that beach in your photo!

Laurie Miles said...

Driving listening to Tom Petty at high volumes--me too, Mark! Especially Tom Petty! I like how you fill your well and how water along that beach is part of your process.