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Turning Scrooges into Blessings

As you know, my sister used to call me a liar because I was always making up stories. She also told me that staring at people wasn't polite. Maybe. But that's called point-of-view. I stare to pretend I am in people's heads and think what they think.

You also know that my classmates poked fun of me when I spoke in English. Hello? Are you there? They challenged me, and here I am writing, reading, and speaking in English.

But what you don't know is that I quit writing for a few years. By then I had two published books--and a new literary agent. I have no idea why she signed me up. She kept telling me that I wasn't ready to submit, that I wasn't there yet. I felt so small I quit writing.

A few years later, an editor asked me to write a biography. I didn't think I could write it. But it was time to prove that agent that she was wrong.

What a blessing those challenges have been!


David LaRochelle said...

I hope you don't have that agent anymore, Carmen. If she made you feel little and discouraged, she wasn't doing her job. And now look at your successes! You have indeed shown that agent she was wrong!

Edie Hemingway said...

I'm so glad you persevered! You bring so much heart and soul to your biographies.

betsy woods said...

Lovely post. Offers me hope. thank you.

Lauren said...

The power of these agents and editors to belittle is overwhelming-- a bit too much like a bad parent or a bad teacher. I am sorry to hear that you stopped writing for two years, but so glad you found your voice again. We are all better for it!

Diane Adams said...

Having gone through a few endings lately in my personal life (no, not the marriage thank goodness!!) I've come to discover that endings offer the chance for new beginnings. I am glad that you began again and found such great success.

Mark said...

I think Lauren is right when she compares the role of agents/editors to parents. Do these belittling ones not understand their role and power? Perhaps they do, and some choose to misuse it. Good for you for persisting, Carmen!!