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More Time, Please

I love my writing life. Let me count the ways.

1. Research

2. Revision after the first draft is down

3. Reading

4. Exaggerating

5. Eavesdropping

6. Creating characters and worlds

7. Visiting schools

8. Speaking at conferences

9. Book signings--mine and that of other authors

10. Meeting famous authors

11. Blogging with my papitas calientes

12. Participating in writing list-serves

13. Talking to my readers in Facebook

14. Participating in my writing group meetings

15. Teaching writing at the Whidbey Island MFA program

16. Teaching writing to high school students

17. Teaching writing to elementary school students

18. Answering e-mails

And then there are the precious moments with my grandsons, family, and friends--including my Maltese dog, Lily.

If I could only have more time to write all the stories I have in my head, my life would be perfect.


Stephanie said...

Carmen, you are a dynamo:)

Edie Hemingway said...

I love this list of the things you love about your writing life and so happy to see the Papitas Calientes among them!

Christy said...

I share your wish for more time to write all the things in my head. I suspect we all wish this. It's a happy problem.

mark said...
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Mark said...

What a great list, Carmen. Such a diverse and interesting life!

David LaRochelle said...

I agree with Christy; it's a good problem to have too many stories in your heaad and not enough time. Hopefully that will be impetus to live a long, long life so that you can get all your stories down, Carmen!

Lauren said...

What a rich list, Carmen!