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Salt Lake City Here We Come

I am travelling very little for my books right now, although I do get to make a quick trip up to Forest Falls to a one room school house at the end of this week. I am hoping to see the trees changing colors and feel a bit of winter up there. We've been in the 80's here lately and while I love the warmth, I do feel a little jealous of those with snow and fall colors.

I loved Christy's blog about finding things to write about wherever she travels, and as I commented on her post, my husband and I are doing a great deal of travelling to Salt Lake City to visit our son and his girlfriend. In following this pathway, I see that I could write about the national parks or the salt flats that we visit on our way to his apartment. They also have a gigantic copper mine that can be seen from space. The possibilities are endless, and thanks to this new way of viewing my travels, perhaps some new stories will be born. Thanks Christy! Happy travels to all potatoes.


Lauren said...

Happy travels to you Diane! It sounds like you will find riches to write about wherever you go-- and then there is no place like home as well-- even with temperatures in the 80s!

Edie Hemingway said...

It sounds as if you have some very interesting sites to write about as you visit your son. And have fun at that one-room school house!

Christy said...

Diane, I miss the seasons, so I can understand why you are eager to see the changing trees. This should be the perfect time of year.

I love all the writing ideas you suggest--national parks, salt flats, and copper mines. Shakespeare says "the world is a stage" so EVERYTHING is of potential interest.

Mark said...

Diane, good luck finding inspiration and story ideas on your travels. Utah does indeed have some fabulous National Parks!

David LaRochelle said...

Is it a still-in-use one-room school house? Wow. There must not be many of those left.