Ten writers for children. All with something to say.


David LaRochelle's Top Ten Introductory List

#1 I've been writing and illustrating children's books for twenty years.

#2 I live in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, where there are no bears, white or otherwise.

#3 I once won $10,000 for creating a five-minute video showing how good Senokot laxative makes me feel.

#4 I'm six feet five inches tall and I don't play basketball.

#5 The first story of mine that was ever published was a short story called Miss Phillip's Sixth Grade Class Goes to the Museum. All of the students in the story died horrible and gruesome deaths.

#6 I was once an elementary school teacher.

#7 Even though I have no sense of rhythm, I bravely go country line dancing every week.

#8 I love to carve fancy jack-o-lanterns which can be viewed at my website: www.davidlarochelle.net.

#9 My very favorite food in the entire world is mashed potatoes.

#10 I don't know how to attach a photo to a blog post yet, but I hope to learn in the near future.

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