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What I did this summer...

This has been a busy, but memorable, summer with not enough writing accomplished, but all sorts of writing-related adventure.  Late in the spring I was busy researching steamboats (which play an important role in my current work-in-progress), and my husband and I traveled to Irvington, on the northern neck of Virginia along the Rappahannock River, to visit the Steamboat Era Museum.

We stayed at the lovely Hope and Glory Inn,
where the innkeeper offered to give us a wine tasting at his nearby vineyard known as the Dog & Oyster.  Well, one thing led to another and before we realized what was happening, we found the perfect little "getaway" home in Vineyard Grove.

 The thing that sold us was the kayak dock on Carter's Creek.
 We weren't even looking, but now we are the proud owners of Tent House #6 (the story behind why it's called a tent house will have to wait for another post, but I'll give you the hint that it does involve those steamboats I was researching).

We settled on June 24th and barely had time to spend a few days there before I headed off to Ireland to teach at Spalding University's MFA residency abroad.  The first week was spent in Dublin on the campus of Trinity College, also home to the Book of Kells, and the second week in the village of Oranmore on the outskirts of Galway.  In addition to leading a workshop with six amazing writers

I gave 2 lectures, a reading, heard a lecture on Jonathan Swift given by the president of Ireland, attended a play at The Abby Theater, and took side trips to the Village of Trim (where Braveheart was filmed),

the ruins of the 9th century monastery Clonmacnoise,

and the smallest of the Aran Isles, Inishmore.

 This week I start receiving the first round of packets from my 6 MFA students!

As if this wasn't enough adventure, we also spent a week in a wonderful rambling house known as Blueberry Lodge in Sorrento, Maine with both our children and their families (6 adults and 6 children)--chaotic but wonderful.

Now I am trying to get my life back to a more normal writing routine with time spent in both our homes, Misty Hill Lodge and the river house, as we have decided to call it.  By the way, fellow spuds, it would make a great place for a writing retreat!


Lauren said...

What wonderful photos of your summer, Edie! And the River House looks too good to let go of, so I completely understand your move to make it yours. Count me in for a Potato Retreat-- Let's make it happen for sure!

And Ireland-- one of my favorite places on earth. A very rich summer you have had-- fall is the time for writing and it sounds like you have lots to work with.

Stephanie said...

Looks like a great summer!

Diane Adams said...

I want your summer, Edie!

David LaRochelle said...

Oh my goodness, Edie, your River House looks incredible! I hope that you get to spend plenty of time there, relaxing, writing, and spending time with important people. I'm a tad jealous!

john said...

Edie, what a great summer after the year you have been through. Thanks for sharing the details. And I am happy to come out to a writing retreat your way. We had such a memorable time with you two years ago.

mark said...

Edie, I love the river house! Now you have two "writing shacks," one on the water, one in the woods. I'm totally jealous!! Good luck getting back into the grove this fall....

Christy said...

How is the writing coming along, besides the research? You've got so much going on in your life with your traveling, teaching, family adventures, and such, that I hope you can find some creative time alone. I am eager to read a new Edie book. In the meantime another place to visit is also a treat!