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Summer Vacation

I know it's not my turn to blog, but it's a stormy Saturday afternoon - a rare one in Southern California - and I'm in the mood to write.  Thanks for letting me!  This summer's highlight for me was a trip to Switzerland, Germany and France with my husband.  We reconnected with my cousins, "The Swiss Family Rabils," and saw beautiful castles, cathedrals, cobblestone streets, and flowers in every color and size.  I've included way too many photos from our trip, but it was so hard to choose!  I also attended the L.A. SCBWI conference and had a chance to meet my editor at Chronicle, Melissa Manlove.  She's lovely inside and out.  My agent was there and she hosted a party for her clients.  It was great to sit down for a couple of hours with fellow writers.  The conference was over the top wonderful, as expected!   I got some writing done in the middle of all this and am teaching an on-line writing course.  In a couple of weeks it will be back to Cal State to teach Children's Literature and Expository Writing, as well as some Senior Seminar courses.  
Our hotel in Lucerne.

My cousin's daughter, Maggie.

A Saturday market.

My cousin's son, John, going up.

My cousin's son, Marcus, digging in.

On the Rhine.

The view from Heidelberg Castle.

A fiddler in Strasbourg.

A castle on the Rhine.


Edie Hemingway said...

Oh, Diane, you had your own amazing summer, you don't need mine! Glad you had such a wonderful trip and also happy you squeezed in that SCBWI conference and a meeting with your editor.

David LaRochelle said...

What wonderful memories, Diane! Such a gorgeous trip! And glad you got to visit with Melissa! As I think you know, she was my editor on one of my last books, IT'S A TIGER, and I'm working with her on a new book. She was so helpful in shaping the book.

Lauren said...

A gorgeous trip indeed, Diane. Your photos transport me right along. Thank you!

So glad you were able to meet your editor-- she sounds wonderful and David confirms it!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like an amazing summer and I'm so glad you posted about it:)

john said...

Thanks Dianne for all the photos. What a great summer for you.

Diane Adams said...

That's right David. I forgot you had worked with Melissa.

mark said...

Sounds like a very inspiring summer!

Christy said...

Diane, you look stunning in that picture. What a treat to see all those beautiful places. You flew there, right? You just need a hand to hold. Maybe we can figure out a way to fly together if we have a spud gathering.