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What's New In 2013

For some reason, I have been telling my husband that 2013 is going to be my year.   Maybe it's because my first picture book came out fifteen years ago this year. Maybe it's because my first YA came out in 2008 , five years ago, and the sequel to that book is coming out in September. Well, only two weeks into this year, I found out I will be going on an author tour for that novel. Yes, I actually chortled when I read that email. More details to come, I don't know the cities, but I will definitely let you know. I told my Minnesota sister-in-law  " I have been waiting fifteen years for an author tour" and she said, " And some people will wait forever!" She's right, of course. 2013 will be a year of being grateful for whatever comes my way. There are no givens or entitlements in the business of publishing, each book could be my last, and I need to keep my nose to the grindstone.....as I stop and smell some roses along the way. I have a feeling it is going to be a great year for all the Spuds.


Edie Hemingway said...

An author tour! Wow! You certainly have earned that bonus, and I'm excited to have known you through the years leading up to this. I hope it will bring you to the east coast.

Lauren said...

Minnesota! Come to Minnesota on your tour! Congratulations Stephanie, it is about time. I think 2013 is going to be a very good year for you and yes, the rest of the Spuds too!

Christy said...

Congratulations, Stephanie. You have done so much traveling for speaking about your books that I assumed you had done many author tours. Let's meet up if you come to the Bay Area.

Your attitude is good--you never know what's coming, so enjoy what does, and keep working.