Ten writers for children. All with something to say.


To add to the conversation, David Diaz gave me one of his paintings from the C.S. Huck Conference (to celebrate the publication of my first book - I was offered a contract the day of that conference).  It is hanging in my computer room! 

And one more tie-in - I took an art class from Marla Frazee at the Art Center College of Design.  I credit her with teaching me how to set up a picture book.  My first book was sold soon after that class.  She is one of my favorite artists and writers too!!  What a small world we live in!

Okay, just one more...Nancy Hayashi, the illustrator of two of my books, illustrated for the writer of my favorite all-time book, The Relatives Came.  I love that connection.  She sent me this illustration of Uncle Sam this summer. 

Thanks for letting me go on, and on. 


Edie Hemingway said...

Diane, what wonderful connections!

Christy said...

Diane, I love hearing this history--your path to various publications.

Stephanie said...

I think I remember some of that! And I love that illustration.

betsy woods said...

how beautiful, dear Diane

Lauren said...

The connections between authors and illustrators of picture books are wonderful, and your stories Diane, are proof!