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Carolyn Fisher

Carolyn Fisher is a terrific illustrator and a good friend. She illustrated TWO OLD POTATOES AND ME after a couple of other illustrators turned it down and she did an amazing job. That story could have been too quiet, but Carolyn's drawings gave it an incredible life. One of the many things I like about Carolyn is her sense of humor. On the bottom of the right-hand page she decided to make a couple of the funny faces look like American presidents. Kids love finding Lincoln amidst other faces that look like Ben Franklin and Dennis the Menace's neighbor Mr. Wilson. This book came out in 2003, but Carolyn being the visionary that she is made one of the potatoes look like future President Obama.That is some serious time travel talent.
Carolyn has also illustrated excellent books where she's the author including A TWISTED TALE, THE SNOW SHOW, and GOOD NIGHT, WORLD. And she has an eagerly awaited new book coming about weeds. Check out her website and blog and enjoy some wonderful work.


Stephanie said...

I like those:) I will defintely look her books up.

Christy said...

I checked out of the local library TWO OLD POTATOES AND ME when we were forming this blog group. It just seemed too perfect for you to have a potato book. Her illustrations are wonderful. So glad she will have more work coming out.

Lauren said...

I love Carolyn's illustrations for TWO OLD POTATOES AND ME and I love Carolyn's illustrations for all of her books-- her book, THE SNOW SHOW was reviewed in the NY Times with my SNOW book several years ago by the wonderful illustrator, Paul Zelinsky. I felt lucky and honored to be on the same page with these two illustrators!

David LaRochelle said...

You're right about Carolyn's illustrations being so lively. I love the wide variety of images and layouts she used - it is such a fun, visual book. I also like the potato portraits of you and her on the end flaps!