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One Potato... Two!

Christy and Lauren 
I have just returned from a wonderful week-long writing retreat with my friend, author Anne Ylvisaker in California. Before the week of writing began however, we met Christy Hale in Santa Cruz! Christy brought f&gs of DREAM UP and THE FORGIVENESS GARDEN, along with the NY Times Review that had just come out that day. What beautiful books they are- and what a treat to leaf through them together. 
Christy, Lauren, and Anne 
Mostly it was great to share stories in real life. I have a feeling if Minnesota were not so far away, we would be getting together on a regular basis-- one afternoon was not enough time.

Sea Lions sleeping on the wharf just below us.
Today Christy is hosting her official launch parties for both of her books-- I wish I were still there to celebrate her accomplishments. I cannot wait to get my own real copies! Congratulations Christy!


Stephanie said...

That is so cool! Glad you were able to meet. and congrats Christy on the new book:)

Edie Hemingway said...

Any time two or more of our potatoes can gather is worthy of celebration! So glad you two wonderful illustrators could finally meet in person. And Christy, sorry we all couldn't be at your launch party.

Christy said...

It was wonderful meeting dear, dear Lauren at last, and her fabulous friend, Anne. I do wish we could see each other often, and Edie, YES--how great it would have been to have all the spuds at the launch. Thanks for being there in spirit.

David LaRochelle said...

Thanks for including the link to NY Times review, Lauren. That's a gorgeous picture, Christy, that they lead the review with...not to mention a strong recommendation for the book. Congratulations.

I, too, wish I could have been there, to have finally met Christy, and to have a visit with my good friend Anne whom I haven't seen in far too long.

mark said...

Sounds like a fun visit and launch party. We were indeed there in spirit!

Anne Ylvisaker said...

It was the best of afternoons! I was thrilled to be a Potato for a day. Christy, your books are stunning. I am still exclaiming over the brilliance of Dreaming Up. Kudos on all your successes! And David, it has been too long! Come to California!