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Choosing a Character for Halloween

After an exhausting, but exhilarating week of school visits in the mountains of North Carolina, the literary character I'd be most comfortable dressing as for Halloween is Miss Eliza from my own book, Road to Tater Hill.  I could hide behind the folds of her floppy sunbonnet, and when I wanted some music, I could pull out my mountain dulcimer.

But if I wanted a naughtier, crazy, zany character, I'd choose the dragon from David LaRochelle's book, The Best Pet of All.  

And if I were to choose the most intriguing character I've come across in recent reading, I'd choose The Gardener from Stephanie Stuve Bodeen's dystopian YA novel.

Happy Halloween to all of our readers!


Lauren said...

Edie-- you are type-cast to be Miss Eliza! It sounds like you have been very busy in the schools. Lucky schools! I hope you find some time to rest, recover and write!

Stephanie said...

those would be some great costumes;)

Christy said...

Yes, please be Miss Eliza and play some mountain dulcimer--no trick--all treat!

David LaRochelle said...

I agree with Christy. I want to show up at your cabin on Halloween and hear you playing the dulcimer in front of the fire. What a wonderful way to spend the last night of October.

Edie Hemingway said...

I would love to have all the spuds at my cabin on Halloween, and I'd have David's jack o'lanterns lit all across the front of the porch! Strangely, we've never had any trick or treaters since we've lived here. I think we're too far hidden from the road. We usually end up going trick or treating with all the grandkids.

mark said...

I think The Gardener would be the creepiest character, but then again, hearing a dulcimer coming from a small cabin in the dark woods of a Halloween night might be kind of freaky, too...!!