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Wrapped in My Studio Cocoon

Actually, this is a Chrysalis, not a cocoon, but the same feeling.
For the past four months I have been stowed away in my studio illustrating a book and revising the manuscript for it at the same time. I kept wanting to call the author and tell her to get to work, but in this case, the author was me. I sent off the interior art two weeks ago, and today, if all goes well, I will be sending off the cover art. It has been the most intensive period of single-focused working I have ever done. Yes, I have worked hard, but traditionally I am a juggler, keeping many projects in the air at once. From book illustrating to circus script writing to set design to school visits, with daily dinner-making and parenting in-between. But this time, I cleared the calendar and locked myself in the studio-- why? Because I had to begin and complete the illustrations in a period of two months (and 8 days!) when it usually takes me about 6 to 8 months to complete the original art for a book. During this time I did not see friends. I did not go to writing group. I did not go to meetings at Circus. No conferences, no school visits, no classes, no vacations. To be honest, I am still crawling out of my studio cocoon. As time begins to loosen its grip on me, I am trying to recognize the feeling of lightness and what the world  looks like again. 

I am almost ashamed to admit it, but it was the internet that got me through this period. Yep. Facebook and a few favorite blogs to check in on a daily basis kept me sane. Reading the Spud posts and adding posts of my own gave me perspective on where I have been as well as where I seem to be headed. My online community saved me from complete isolation. Thank you!


Christy said...

Brava, Lauren! What an accomplishment to pull that off. I can't wait to see your results. It's probably great to know that you are capable of that intensity, but I bet returning to balance has some appeal. Glad the spud community could nurish you.

Christy said...


john said...

Congratulations Lauren. What an impressive accomplishment. So glad this contact was valuable to you and looking forward to having you back in the big world.

Edie Hemingway said...

It sounds as if you accomplished some really good work during your "cocooning" time. Welcome back to the wider world!

Lauren said...

Thanks all of you. Can't wait to share the results. I don't want to make a habit of working this way though. I am much happier as a juggler.