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Alone and Together

I love them both.

But if I am inspired, do not phone me! Of course you may say you don't know when I am inspired. Don't you hear my inspiration when I answer the phone with a "Yes"? Or when I answer your emails with one word? Writing is my job. I take it seriously. I have deadlines, just as you do. I love my job. Don't you like yours? 

When we are both free, I would love to see you. Warning: If I haven't done anything but writing, I won't have anything else to talk about. Maybe you don't want to see me. In that case, I'll go back to my writing.


Lauren said...

I would love to sit down and hear about whatever you are working on Carmen, whenever you have a break! Great post!

Edie Hemingway said...

I need to take lessons from you on keeping a one-track mind!

Christy said...

Carmen, so true! I like talking about work most of the time, too. Many people are worn down by their work and want a break from it, don't want to talk about it. We are lucky!

john said...

Okay, Carmen, back to writing.

Mark said...

I love how you encapsulate the all-encompassing passion of working on a project and shunning all distractions!