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Summer plans

This is where I will be this summer, at my drawing table, working on the illustrations for my book tentatively called "Art Attack." The revisions for the illustrations have been shaping my life this past year, so much so that I missed posting during our last round. If all goes well, I'll be starting the final artwork in a couple of weeks, and although the new deadline is October, I'd love to have the majority of it done by the time my friend Gary and I go on a September vacation. Lauren's diligence on her latest project will be my role model as I try to stay focused.

This summer I will also be celebrating the release of my new picture book IT'S A TIGER!, beautifully illustrated by Jeremy Tankard. I'll be giving several "summer reading" library presentations and speaking at a couple of librarian conferences throughout the state (I'm especially looking forward to my visit to Lanesboro, MN, where I will be lodged at a bed and breakfast). Once again I'll be spending a day as the featured author at the Minnesota State Fair (as will fellow spuds John and Lauren), and I know that will be a good time.

It looks like a working summer for me, but I'm working at what I want to do most. And I'm going to remember to take time to relax by going on some walks in the woods and reading in the evening.


Stephanie said...

Words are hard enough, I can't imagine having to do the art too...I'm so excited for your tiger book, I think it's going to be a big hit. I'll make sure my local indie gets it on their shelves.

Christy said...

I was wondering where you were last round, David. You're so consistent, that I confess I was worried by your absence.

A working summer sound satisfying when it's meaningful work. Will you give us any sneak previews? I'm dying to see Art Attack! Congrats, too, on It's a Tiger!

Edie Hemingway said...

It sounds like you have a very satisfying summer ahead of you! Good luck with ART ATTACK (love the name!), and I'm looking forward to IT'S A TIGER. And I don't think the Maryland State Fair has a featured author for the day. What fun!

Lauren said...

David, I love this picture of you at work. Now when I think of you this summer, I will be able to picture you perfectly. What a wonderful way to spend your summer-- making a book! Walks and an afternoon by the lake will make it even better. Can't wait to see it!

Mark said...

I like the glimpse into your creative space, too. And I love the sailboat on your desk!

I've enjoyed all your books so much, I'm really excited about seeing a new one this summer!

Sounds like you have a good mix of work and outside activities planned for the next few months... Have fun at the fair!

David LaRochelle said...

You have sharp eyes to spot that sailboat, Mark! Plenty of times I forget it's even there, because it's behind my lamp. It was a gift and has lots of memories behind it.

john said...

Sounds like a great summer, David. Happy drawing.