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I have enjoyed the various tips others have provided about filling the well and have caught up on them after a wonderful week of visiting eight schools in Fargo. Lauren recommended me to them after she'd been there last year and I recommended David. The Red River valley is a great potato growing area so it makes sense to go spud to spud.

I heard a terrific interview that Terry Gross conducted with Jonah Lehrer, the author of a new book on creativity titled IMAGINE. He discussed ways to improve creativity and recommended three of my favorites: walks, naps, and exercise. I aim to do one of these every day and on a good day will do all three.


I found much in the interview that went well with our discussion. Happy well filling.


Lauren said...

walks, naps, and exercise. Perfect! So glad to hear that Fargo went well! Thanks for the link John!

David LaRochelle said...

Thanks to the link for that interview, John. It was very interesting. The author's point that creativity involves both taking time to relax and daydream (naps and walks) as well as periods of focus (hard work) is a good reminder; I sometimes forget that both are needed. And the author challenged some of the ideas that I had been taught (and had taught myself) about brainstorming.

David, who is just back from a walk

Edie Hemingway said...


How great that all three of the Minneapolis spuds can go to Fargo for school visits! And thanks for the link to this interview.

Mark said...

Great interview. Thanks for sharing, John. Like David, I learned a few things and was reminded of a few others. Fargo sounds like fun!!

Stephanie said...

I will check that book out. And my youngest was born in Fargo, so it holds a place in my heart:) And I liked the movie.

Christy said...

I heard that interview, too, John, and that book is on my list. Glad you can recommend the book, too.