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How do I fill the well? Let me count the ways...

I don't seem to have a shortage of ideas, only a shortage of time to pursue them. Here are ten ways I keep my well overflowing:

1. Travel to a setting I love and immerse myself.

2. Travel to a new setting and explore not only the physical details, but also the people, the way of life, the diction, etc.

3. Read a good book and figure out why it's so good.

4. Go to a conference or workshop and open my mind to inspiration.

5. Talk to my parents about their childhood experiences and take copious notes.

6. Paddle a kayak on still water.

7. Get up early and listen to the birds.

8. Listen to baroque music to put my mind in order.

9. Listen to my grandson, Connor, play the piano--classical, jazz, ragtime, hymns and Broadway tunes. He's amazing!

10. Spend time with fellow writers.

11. Communicate with my fellow spuds.

Oh, I guess I said ten ways, but I can't possibly leave out the spuds!


Christy said...

Edie, I loved listening to Baroque music in your cabin. My college roommate was an organist so I had the pleasure of attending her concerts. Music is a great way to fill the well. How about playing your dulcimer?

Thanks also for the image of you kayaking on still water, and the reminder to listen to the birds.

Lauren said...

Great list of ten (eleven) ways to fill the well. Baroque music has been playing in my studio of late-- The Rite of Spring plays intermittently, but the paint flows better with Baroque.

Edie Hemingway said...

There's definitely something about Baroque music to set the mind in order. Glad you both enjoy it, too!

David LaRochelle said...

Just thinking about your gorgeous cabin is inspiration to me, Edie. I feel so fortunate to have spent some time there.

And I especially agree with how a good book can be inspirational - and instructive, when thinking about why I like it.

john said...

Those are eleven good ones Edie, and i am sure you are finding them a comfort as you tend to the needs of the different generations in your family.

Stephanie said...

These all sound great, Edie. Well, not the kayak one. I'm not a fan of water, so leave me home for that one;)

Cathy Gilleylen Schultz said...

I agree with my fellow commenters that your cabin is a great inspiration! In fact, I have one of my stories set there ("Cabin Adventure") and it appears again in the chapter book I'm hoping to get published!