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Yet Another New Book

My apologies. I was supposed to post while I was teaching at the MFA, but Captain Whidbey Inn had a weak Wi-Fi connection.

The idea for this book began with a comparison between Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Aztec goddess, Tonantzin. Yet, my editor preferred a retelling of the Virgin of Guadalupe's apparitions to Juan Diego. Still, you may read about the similarities between the virgin and the goddess in the author's note.


Lauren said...

Carmen, I love the cover of this book-- the art looks gorgeous! When does this book come out?

David LaRochelle said...

Congratulations, Carmen! Who is the publisher? I agree with Lauren, the cover is beautiful.

Mark said...

I am very excited for you, Carmen. I love how so many of your books teach me about things or places in the world that I don't know about, and so do in an entertaining/artful way. I can't wait to hear/read/see your next projects!

Stephanie said...

It's beautiful! Congrats!