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Tempus Fugit

My biggest frustration with my writing/illustrating career of late has been time - or more accurately, the lack of time. Visiting schools, preparing for conferences, and trying to keep up with business-related emails can easily fill my days and weeks. Before I know it, a month has slipped by and I've done little, if any, new writing. Add to the equation that I'm a very slow writer who needs plenty of time to think and rethink his ideas, and the result is an output of writing far less than I would like.
I heard an author once say that successful writers don't have the time to write, they make the time to write. I know that's true. And so I find myself balancing the necessary non-writing aspects of being an author (many of which I love) with making time to actually write, and wishing that my days were an extra three or four hours long.


Christy said...

I had a feeling you'd been overly busy lately. My writing teacher told me she gets up at 4am every day--one way to avoid interruptions. Hope you can carve out some good chunks of quality time soon and feel more balanced. We're all struggling with juggling one way or another.

David LaRochelle said...

I heard Judy Blume say something similar, that she got up an hour before everyone else in her family so she'd have that time to write. Getting up THAT early isn't the solution for me, but I know I can do more to make writing a priority.

Mark said...

I hate how life keeps getting in the way of my art, too, David. It's so hard to find a balance, and then sustain it. Good luck!!

Edie Hemingway said...

I understand this dilemma completely, David. I, too, am a very slow writer.