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Juggling without gravity

There’s levity
in gravity—
happy rhythm.


I dig down
pockets deep
in search of hidden orbs,
and look up
magic sleeves
for scarves of endless hope.

This round we are posting about our frustrations in our writing/illustration careers. I am having trouble holding steady when much is shifting and beyond my control. The rules of gravity seem to be changing. I completed an author/illustrator project only to have the publisher (Tricycle) killed and the book remain unpublished. I delivered interior artwork for another book, yet half a year later still wait for everyone to sign off on the jacket. This book has been postponed. On a third author/illustrator project, I delivered information my editor requested more than four months ago. The book was supposed to be done in July, but the editor has been busy and I’m afraid this project will also be postponed. These are a mere three examples among others. I’ve eagerly thrown ball after ball in the air but they just aren’t coming back. I’m discouraged.


Edie Hemingway said...

I feel your frustration and empathize. But what beautiful verse you've written as you try to cope!

Lauren said...

Wow Christy-- you have thrown a lot of balls in the air and there is so much change in the publishing world right now it is hard to find one's footing.

I agree with Edie though, you have creatively written about your plight! The sign of a true artist.

David LaRochelle said...

I don't blame you for being discouraged, Christy. It's difficult when things over which we have no control thwart our creative efforts.

john said...

Christy, I've got a feeling things are going to change for you. Keep doing your work and good things will come of it.

Mark said...

Very frustrating times, Christy. Keep your chin up, though. I have a feeling when the tide turns for you, your diligence and talent will be rewarded!

Christy said...

Thanks, all. You are my scarves of endless hope.