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I blog on a Thursday. This is a Thursday. Lauren's Thursday. My Thursday was last Thursday. So, please, read Lauren's post before mine. Hers are always better, anyway.

In my other life I was a mathematician. I am told by my old--very old--classmates that I was always good at math. "Always" means "back then"" because I have forgotten most of it.

When I was studying math in college, my sister Lisette (you have heard about her, my sister, the school principal) cried because she thought she would lose her boyfriends because I was studying math and math was for boys.

When I went to Colegio de Mayaguez (today University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus) to get a master's in math, we were just two women in the depatment. The rest were men. Soon, however, the statistics flipped.

After I got the degree, I taught math for seven years at the University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Campus. Then I decided to go for the PhD at the University of Connecticut. I had finished the course work and began my thesis when boila! I met a cute mathematician. This past Monday we celebrated our 35th anniversary. Neither of us finished the PhD. We are glad we didn't. He didn't want to teach, and I ended up using the other side of my brain.

Actually, no. I use both sides, because to plot a story you need logic. And what is logic but math?

So, to the question what would I do if not writing, I answer that I would be teaching math. But then I would be a grouchy teacher. Because, when I am not writing, I get grouchy!


Lauren said...

I love this post, Carmen! If I had to teach math, I too would certainly be grouchy. And it is good that you balance out both sides of your brain. This is so interesting to learn about this side of you!
(By the way, I usually blog on Wednesday, but I missed it, and Mark took it, so I blogged this AM. Sorry to step on your Thursday!)

Christy said...

Carmen, I think that poetry is very mathematical--meter, pattern--whether there is rhyme or not, there is always music, and music is math. I'm not surprised at all that this part of your brain is strong.

Edie said...

I agree with all of the above comments and add that plotting definitely takes a logical, mathematical mind!

Stephanie said...

Happy anniversary!!

john said...

Thanks, Carmen, for the portrait of the Grouchy Math Teacher. That sounds like a title to me as well. I agree about the ways math shows up in writing, and love the sense of you and your sister as trailblazers.

David LaRochelle said...

Fascinating to discover another facet of your life, Carmen. I hope having a sister who excels at math is no longer a detriment to finding a spouse. Yes, happy anniversary!