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On of my goals for the new year is to say yes to more interesting things. This week I've been invited to the Governor's Mansion in Madison, Wisconsin to present Box Out to students as it is the January selection for high school students in Read On Wisconsin!
First Lady Jessica Doyle established this program to encourage reading among students of all ages and if you have a book coming out it is worthwhile to send it to the program for consideration:


Students from five schools will come to Madison for the program and some of them are from parts of the state where they will have to get up very early to drive all the way to Madison. I'm pleased to present to them and honored to participate in Read On Wisconsin!


john said...

Sorry about the picture size. I thought I selected medium so I'm not sure what happened.

Stephanie said...

Having grown up in Wisconsin, I think that is fabulous:)

Lauren said...

Congratulations John-- and what a great book for the state of Wisconsin to read. I am so glad for you and this book.

Mark said...

Congratulations, John. Looks like your new resolution is already paying off!!

Christy said...

Saying "yes" to new things sounds like a fun resolution. Congrats on the honor, John.

By the way, if anyone needs help sizing/resizing images, I can help. I have Photoshop and will be glad to make smaller images for you.

Edie said...

Congratulations! What an exciting opportunity and a great one also for the students who get to hear you. I hope this start to your year continues!

David LaRochelle said...

Congratulations, John! What a wonderful opportunity for your book...and what a good book to get these kids thinking about tough choices.

As long as I've known you, you've always been saying "yes" to some mighty interesting things. I can only imagine what else you'll be saying "yes" to this year!