Ten writers for children. All with something to say.



Collaborations are tricky, but they make the work so much better. My collaborations with illustrators have birthed books that were deeper and funnier than I could have imagined. My collaborations with my agent have created new writing contacts, new ways of looking at ideas, and relief from contract negotiations, which I am decidedly no good at. My collaborations with my fellow potatoes on our blogsite remind me that writing is a team sport and that I need to pay better attention to my place in the line-up! And my collaborations in the master's program have brought new friends, fascinating studies, and the immediate feedback that publishing rarely provides.

So, hooray for collaboration. It makes the world we live in so much richer.

(L to R Gina, my new writing friend, Kelly, my agent, and me
at the SCBWI Conference in L.A.)


Edie said...

Collaborations are definitely connections to be worked at, but they also make writing so much more fun. Great photo, Diane!

Mark said...

A great blog about the many ways collaboration enhances our experiences and our work!