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My White Bear Lake Home

It may be cluttered, but this is where I work.

My studio is a compact 6 x 9 feet, but it is a great improvement from working at my kitchen table, which I had to do in my previous apartment. The walls are covered with a wide variety of "stuff": postcards from places I've traveled, group photos of the campers at the writing camp where I teach, a signed book jacket from fellow Potato Lauren Stringer, my list of lifetime goals, a candy bar wrapper from Alaska. Plenty of things to inspire - or distract - me, depending on the day.

Unlike Christy, I don't have a view of orange and grapefruit trees out my window. Directly out my window is my neighbor's apple tree, covered with snow. The photo was taken on Monday.

I write many, many drafts longhand before I transfer them to my computer (you can see piles of drafts on the chair and below the window) which I keep in my bedroom.

This has been rather nice, inviting people to my studio via the Internet; I didn't have to vacuum or dust! You are welcome to stop by any time!


Christy said...

I love the exhibit on your walls! That's one thing I bemoan, is my lack of wall space. Great idea of yours, David, to share our studios. I've dropped by several times already since yesterday. Now all you need is a webcam.

Stephanie said...

It looks like a great place to create:)

Edie said...

If this is clutter, it's certainly an organized sort of clutter and a very interesting exhibit of artwork, photography, etc. I'm truly enjoying this tour of everyone's workspaces!

Lauren said...

David, I loved visiting your studio a year ago and each of your pictures on your gallery walls is a window into your inspirations! I am honored to have a little snow on your wall too!