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Behind closed doors

All eighteen years I lived in Brooklyn I wished I could hide the clutter of my studio. We lived in a brownstone railroad apartment where each room spilled into the next. Glass French doors separated the rooms. My workspace was the middle room, and when it was messy it defined the whole apartment. I liken my work habits to the tides. In the pictures on the left the tide is out and you can actually see surfaces—a rare moment.

By contrast my California studio is situated at the end of the house, and I can close the door. Look what a mess I’m making! I decided to swallow my pride and give it to you straight. I’m in the midst of preparing for my launch party this weekend. I have bags of Japanese rice crackers, candies, sake bottles, and even disposable sake cups in the middle of my floor. My desk and drawing table are strewn with components of promotional keepsake packages I will assemble and then give out at my event. The tide is in; the waves are swelling and stormy! Outside it is dark and pouring rain. Usually I look out to sunshine, an orange and a grapefruit tree, and the occasional humming bird. Next week is clean up time. The tide will pull out again.

Watch me at work in my video trailer for my new book:


Stephanie said...

They both look like great spaces. I so wish I could be at your launch, sounds like you are ready for it:)

edie said...

I'm amazed at how similar the two workspaces look--the clean white walls, etc. Good luck with your launch. Sounds like a great party--wish I were close enough to be there, too.

And I loved your video--feel as if I know you a little better now and loved learning about your process with the collage and even getting the wood grain from your deck!

David LaRochelle said...

I, too, loved watching you work in your video. It was fascinating to hear about all the different elements you combined in your collages. Only a true artist would use their back steps to make prints!

It was also a treat to see and hear you "live." Like Edie, I feel like I know you better now.

Lauren said...

I think I prefer the messy space-- I always feel most at home in messy spaces! And what a wonder that you were able to work in the middle room of a railroad apartment-- I am so impressed!

I wish I could have been toasting your new book with a glass of sake with you! I hope it went well!