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Right now I am in the midst of the Spalding University MFA residency in Louisville, Kentucky, relishing the intensity of daily workshops, lectures, readings, panel discussions, and individual meetings with my students,
                                                                                                                     ...and enjoying the elegant surroundings of the Brown Hotel.

But just over a month ago, I was basking in the serene and inspiring atmosphere of the Anderson Center in Red Wing, Minnesota with my fellow spuds and writing up a storm.

What we as writers need is community--whether it be the intensity of a writing program or a quiet, more inspiring time to gather with a trusted group of writer friends, who give freely of their wisdom, expertise, and encouragement.  As other spuds have mentioned, the Saturday afternoon workshop session was a favorite part of our 5-day retreat.  I will always treasure the sharing of voices, the honest feedback, the brainstorming of ideas, and the camaraderie of our group.


This was our first gathering of all ten spuds, but I know it won't be our last.

P.S.  And if it weren't for the Spalding MFA program, where I met Stephanie and Betsy, I would never have been a part of One Potato...Ten!


David LaRochelle said...

You are so very right about community, Edie. Introvert that I am, I can get too comfortable with time alone. When I get together with my critique group or on our Spud retreat, I am often infused with ideas and energy that I can't get if I spend all my time in my studio.

Thank you for all the positive energy you brought to our retreat, and enjoy the busy time of your gathering in Kentucky with your students and fellow instructors! It does look beautiful!

Stephanie said...

It was such a great time together. Seems like too long ago now!

Lauren said...

I am so impressed with the low-residency MFA writing programs when it comes to community-- two times a year students and teachers gather and infuse one another with ideas, thoughtful critiques and the outside voices of invited speakers-- I have had the privilege of both speaking at and having coffee with some of the teachers at the Hamline MFA children's writing program and have loved every moment.

Perhaps we should think of meeting twice a year as Spuds- For great infusions!

Christy said...

Edie, I feel especially lucky that we were roommates at our retreat. I agree with David that you bring much to our group. You are a thoroughly generous person. I can't imagine the blog group without you. Your Hamline students are fortunate to have you.

I loved seeing/hearing your picture book idea grow during the critique session. Keep us posted on how that develops. Also, I can't wait for your next novel. I know you were very productive those five days of the spud retreat. I hope your current retreat inspires further writing.

Betsy Woods said...

Edie, Love you post and all the fullness your writing/teaching life offers. We have shared so much through these years of writing and learning and growing! You are a dear one.

john said...

Edie, thanks for sharing those great pictures. How wonderful to be able to go from one of your communities to the other. Thank you for all the gifts you bring to us. You were the one who got the potato rolling by bringing so many of us together for that great weekend in Maryland.

mark said...

Being late to add my comment here, I hope that by now you have returned home to work on whatever project(s) inspire you....

As for the retreat, coming down the (creaky) stairs and finding you at your computer busily working on your story -- until I interrupted you! --was one of the fond memories I carry from those few days.

Good luck!