Ten writers for children. All with something to say.


National Book Award Finalist, Laini Taylor, has written another magnificent fantasy for young adults. I enjoyed the stories in Lips Touch: Three Times, but if you can believe it, Daughter of Smoke & Bone  is even better.

Taylor has bright pink hair; Karou has bright blue hair.

The question "Who am I?" haunts Karou. The seventeen-year-old art student sometimes has to leave school to run errands for Brimstone, who has raised her. She enters portals and goes all over the world, bringing back teeth to him. What does he do with so many teeth? Then black handprints begin to appear on those doorways. If a portal opens, she finds herself still in Prague, where she lives.  It is in Prague where she meets her angel.  True love succeeds, but horrible news calls for a sequel.

For Taylor, every word counts because each word she writes is a fine gem.                


Edie Hemingway said...

Sounds very intriguing, Carmen! I'm going to look for both books.

Lauren said...

I have never read Laini Taylor and you do make it very intriguing! More books from the library! Thanks Carmen.

Mark said...

Laini spoke at our local SCBWI conference a couple years ago. I became a fan then, and your recommendation for her new book reminds me how much I enjoyed reading Lips Touch. Thanks for the reminder, Carmen!

David LaRochelle said...

I remember how much I enjoyed a previous recommendation of yours, Carmen: TENDER MORSELS by Margo Lanagan. If this book is as moving, I'll have to check it out.

Christy said...

That bit about the teeth is creepy, but you've aroused my curiosity. Intriguing cover too! Thanks for the recommendation.