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Looking Forward

I'm looking forward to reading all of your new books and following your career pathways wherever they take you. It has been a joy to follow my own pathway into teaching Children's Lilterature to some really wonderful college students at CSUSB.

I have two books coming out in the next year - I Want to Help! and Two Hands to Love You. The publishing houses (PeachTree and Chronicle) have been great to work with and I'm excited to see the final illustrations. The photo that I used for this blog will be on the jacket flap of I Want To Help! The little girl is my neighbor Emily, about whom I wrote I Can Do It Myself! and I Want to Help!

Overall, I'm looking forward to writing some more and to opening my students' eyes to the value and complexity of children's literature. I'm also looking forward to a potential trip to Barcelona. Carmen, any suggestions on where to stay??


Mark said...

Congratulations on your next two books! I love your desire to widen your students' view -- how exciting to share your passion and knowledge of all that kid's lit can provide.

john said...

Is that standing still traffic? Congratulations on the two books on the way.

Diane Adams said...

I meant to erase that part!! I am going to erase it now!! Yes, it is standing still traffic, until it moves! :)

Diane Adams said...

It is so fun to share books with others. I'm enjoying this so much more than I imagined!

Christy said...

Can't wait to see your new books. Congrats x2!

Diane, you'll love Barcelona! I studied paiting there one summer and lived near Las Ramblas. Beautiful area, but lots of pick-pocketers.

Christy said...

oops-painting, not paiting.

Lauren said...

I miss the part about writing on the freeway. :( And Christy, I completely trusted you when you said you were "paiting" in Barcelona. I was going to ask you if it was some sort of Spanish craft I had not heard of yet. Haha!
Diane, congratulations on your two up-coming books and it is so wonderful to read of your joy in sharing children's literature with your students.

Stephanie said...

Congrats on your upcoming books. I love the picture:)

Diane Adams said...

Yes, I would have gone along with "paiting" too. Envious of your summer there Christy - sounds so exotic. Good to know about the pick-pocketers though!

So, yes, sometimes I do write when I'm driving on the freeway, but it's usually when traffic is not moving. :) In Southern California. driving on the freeway is an evil necessity of life. It takes me 5 freeways (10, 215, 91, 241, 5) to go 1 1/2 hours to my parents' home twice a week, and 3 freeways(10, 210, 215) to go 1/2 hour to work three times a week. Oy vey!

David LaRochelle said...

Oy vey about those freeways indeed! I'm feeling especially frustrated with traffic myself today after having missed a doctor's appointment this morning because of standing still traffic.

Your neighbor must be very excited about your upcoming books! What a great honor for her!

Diane Adams said...

Sorry about your traffic!!

My neighbor, Emily, is now a teenager and very into boys and playing baseball. I hope she'll take the time to do some book signings with me as she did when the first one came out. I think her parents are more excited than she is! :)